Local food around the globe

We take everything with us when we travel – our clothes, our money, and especially our appetites. Navigating meal time abroad, whether you’re in the local hosts kitchen or out to eat at a hole-in-the-wall local restaurant can be a thrill at best and downright frightening at worst. We all need a little guidance on proper culinary etiquette and recommendations when traveling the globe to help us answer thousands of pressing questions like: What are the must-try dishes in Morocco ? How much should I be paying for authentic local cuisines ? Are there some places at my travel destination where food is available on shoestring budget ? Are there any local foods that should be avoided due to allergies ? So with that in mind we’ve compiled our list of the top local hosts who can plan your destination food activities.

We always remember something for a long time when all our senses are engaged. Food is one of the major elements of long term memory binding.

Browse thru our extensive list of passionate local hosts who can make your trip more memorable.


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