Bhutan culinary tours

Bhutan culinary tours

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Bhutan culinary tour

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Our tour will give opportunities for visitors to learn traditional cooking methods, local food varieties, food history and its origin. You will astonished by the usage of organic products in almost all our dishes.

Savor the delicacies of Bhutan. Bhutanese food is a direct reflection of the simple yet arduous Himalayan lifestyle, in the past most meals were basic, simple, endemic to the regions, easy to cook and involved mostly local ingredients. Rearing cattle and diary products spiced up most dishes. The dishes are mostly spicy to keep warm in the chills and freezing temperatures of  mountainous landscape. However, like any modern culinary scene, fusion of the foreign cuisine has its presence now.

Modern travel and connectivity has allowed the varied landscape and climatic conditions of different regions to culminate in a wonderful array of Bhutanese cuisine. Having its close connections to India, spices are used extravagantly to make mouthwatering dishes healthy too. Love to take you this culinary tour and visit many homes.

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