Jordan food sampler

Jordan food sampler

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Jordan food sampler with famous tea

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Welcome to my home during your trip.

You need to fly to Jordan for eating these dishes. Let me make this trip a memorable one just to eat:

  • Falafel – Like I already mentioned, Jordan is known for having excellent falafel, which consist of ground chickpeas and spices, deep fried in little patties until golden brown and crispy. They are eaten plain or often stuffed into a sandwich for a common street food snacks.
  • Fattet hummus – I know you’ve heard of hummus, and you’ll undoubtedly have some of the best hummus you’ve ever had in Jordan. But something I had never tried before visiting was fattet hummus, the combination of hummus with bread which is soaked into the hummus making the hummus more fluffy and not as dense. It’s amazing.
  • Moutabel – When it comes to dipping dishes (part of the greater mezze spread), moutabel in Jordan was one of my favorites. The combination of creamy roasted eggplant, garlic, sesame paste, and olive oil is a flavor and texture that’s hard to beat.
  • Manakish – Manakish is one of the staples of Levantine cuisine, and you’ll find it all over Amman, as a popular meal and snack. It’s sort of like a pizza, in that the base is a circle of dough, which is traditionally topped with olive oil and za’atar (a thyme herb mixture) and baked. They also have versions of manakish with halloumi cheese and egg that are also superb.
  • Shish kebabs (kofte) – There are lots of wonderful vegetarian dishes in Jordan, but I have to admit I’m a meat lover, and few things satisfied me in Jordan more than shish kebabs. The minced meat, usually lamb or beef, is mixed with salt and parsley, formed into sausage shapes, and grilled over charcoal. The salty and fattiness of the meat brings out an incredible smokey taste.
  • Kousa mahshi – For this excellent dish, which is common around the Levantine region, zucchini are hollowed out, stuffed with a combination of rice and minced lamb, then cooked for hours on low heat until they become fall apart tender and the lamb fat has fully flavored the entire dish. It’s also excellent with grape leaves.
  • Maqluba – Literally translated to upside-down, maqluba is a dish that includes chicken and spices on the bottom of a pot, cooked with rice on the top. Once the dish is fully cooked, it’s flipped over onto a tray, so the rice goes to the bottom and the meat or chicken remains on top.
  • Mansaf – Known as the national dish of Jordan, mansaf is a meal that totally sums up the culture of Jordan, its generosity and hospitality, and the love for lamb and yoghurt. The dish includes lamb that’s cooked until fall apart tender in jameed (a type of dry goat yoghurt made into a gravy), and served with rice, more jameed, and topped with pine nuts. What’s also fascinating is how mansaf is eaten, off a communal tray, with balls of lamb and rice rolled into ones hand, and consumed without touching your fingers to your mouth (demonstrations provided for this one).


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